.30-06 Snot Lube 3 Pack for Compounds

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The .30-06 Outdoors Snot Lube 3 Pack for Compound bows provides a selection of high-performance blends to increase the life and functionality of your compound bow. This combo pack features the leading string lubricant in the archery industry, as well as a precision oiler pen and an easy-application arrow release fluid. Made in the USA, the Compound Snot Pack is completely odorless and non-toxic. These maintenance blends are all weather resistant and rated to -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Increase the performance and durability of your compound bow with this ultimate maintenance combination.

  • Maintenance kit includes bow string wax, precision bow oiler, and arrow release fluid; made in the USA
  • Bow string wax protects and extends bow string life; a precise blend of wax, grease, and oil
  • Oiler pen made for use on arrow rests, limb bolts, and cam axles
  • Arrow release fluid makes removing arrows from targets easy; felt tip applicator keeps your hands clean
  • Completely odorless, non-toxic, and weather resistant; rated to -25 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Non flammable material
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