Alaska Caribou Drop Hunt

We think this is the best remote hunt available ANYWHERE for the DIY hunter! An Alaska caribou drop hunt is a true remote Arctic adventure for experienced hunters looking for a DIY hunting experience. In addition to caribou, hunters regularly see moose, grizzly bear, black bear, wolves, dall sheep, wolverine, and muskox. The vast and open tundra, virtually untouched by man adds to this true wilderness adventure.

  • Remote, fly-in, DIY caribou hunting at an affordable price!
  • The key to a successful unguided caribou hunting is to be dropped in front of the bulk of the moving herd. The transporter will do their best to accommodate this.
  • Since this is a fly-in DIY caribou hunt, you can either provide all of the gear and food (most hunters ship it up ahead of time), or the outfitter will rent you the equipment you need and sell you the food you will take.Physical condition is the key, so be in good shape.

Our Alaska caribou drop hunt is in high demand, and spots are extremely limited.

Fully guided caribou hunts are also available, and should be seriously considered if you aren’t in shape or an experienced hunter.




Caribou, Wolf


Archery, Rifle


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