Alaskan Brown Bear Over Bait (Black Bear Combo)

The ability to hunt brown bear over bait has only recently been allowed Alaska and is turning out to be quite the treat!

  • Black bear AND brown bear hunts over bait.
  • So far, our success for black bear hunting is 100%, and brown bears are nearly 100% opportunity!
  • Brown bears can get up to 9 feet with skulls that measure 26 inches, but 7-8 feet is average.
  • Hunts are for 10 days with the 11th day saved for travel out of the cabin.
  • Enjoy fishing for sockeye salmon during the day.

This is a spectacular hunt for Alaskan brown bear over bait. Oh, and did we mention that it’s a black bear combo?! Our hunters have had a nearly 100% success rate for two bears. You can take two additional black bears for a trophy fee! This outfitter says that the brown bears in many cases have taken over their black bear baits making the brown bears somewhat of a nuisance… a welcomed nuisance however.

If you like bear hunting, this hunt in Alaska should be a serious consideration.

With near 100% for this combo hunt you can get the best of both worlds with black bears in all different color phases, and brown bears with chocolate to almost a white colored fur. The schedule is also what sets this hunt aside. Wake up late as you will be hunting almost until midnight most nights. After you wake up enjoy some sockeye salmon fishing before you hit the stands for the rest of the day.




Black Bear, Brown Bear


Archery, Rifle


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