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Specializing in fly-in, unguided hunts in Alaska for caribou, moose, wolves and black bears. Resident hunters can be flown in to hunt grizzly bears and Dall sheep. Arrowhead Outfitters LLC has been in operation since 1981, and offers the best fly-in hunting, fishing and flight-seeing value anywhere!

Our pilots are exceedingly experienced, professional and will deliver a highly personal experience. We fly two high performance Maule M6 and M7 aircraft on floats, built for unrivaled adventures. Lastly, all airplane seats have windows for your enjoyment.

The fly-in Alaska hunting trip you have dreamed of is within reach. Contact us today for available dates, pricing and details to book your trip.

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Unguided Hunting in Alaska

Dall Sheep Hunts

Hunting Alaska’s stunning and pristine Brooks Range Mountains is an extraordinary experience and opportunity. Picture yourself stalking trophy Dall Sheep in this remote and nearly, un-hunted mountainous paradise. Each year, rams over 40” are harvested. On your adventure, you will witness the beauty and wonder of the Arctic tundra and will likely see other wildlife including: Grizzly Bear, Caribou, Musk Ox, Wolves, Fox, Wolverine, Ptarmigan and additional bird species. You will be experiencing a sportsman’s paradise!

Self-guided and available to residents only AND non-resident hunters with next of kin accompanying them in the field. Tags unlimited and over-the-counter. Please see Alaska Regulations for further explanation.

Moose Drop Hunts

All of us at Arrowhead Outfitters invite you to join us for an exclusive, exhilarating, fun and affordable fly-out self-guided moose hunt in the southern Brooks Range during the month September. Self-Guided (over the counter licenses available to all US Citizens) ** License and Tags must be purchased separately. Hunters may harvest a Black Bear and/or Grizzly Bear (only State of Alaska residents or next of kin as per State of Alaska hunting regulations) at no additional charge during their hunt. May also add two Caribou for an additional $3500.00

Unguided Caribou Hunts

We will fly you to a location of your choosing, where the caribou are located or are traveling through. If necessary, we will move you to a different location (weather and schedule dependent) if needed during your unguided caribou hunt. There are no hidden fees! Every year, multiple trophy, record book Caribou Bulls are harvested.

Black Bear and Grizzly Bear Hunts

Self-Guided (over the counter licenses available to all US Citizens). ** License and Tags must be purchased separately. If the season is open during their hunt, hunters may harvest wolves (all US citizens) and Grizzly Bear (only State of Alaska residents or next of kin) at no additional charge during their hunt.

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Black Bear, Caribou, Dall Sheep, Grizzly Bear, Moose, Wolf


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