Spot and Stalk Archery British Columbia Black Bear Hunt

This outfitter offers an amazing spot-and-stalk British Columbia black bear hunt, and specializes in taking archery hunters. We have about 15% color phase, and the Pope and Young minimum of 18 inches being common. So not only do we have high bear density’s, but have record book quality in the gene pool. 6-7 ft boars are common, with 95% of our bears taken in 2018 being mature boars.  With the strong salmon run in the fall, and high density of black bears, new boars quickly move in to replace those that were shot by our hunters.

  • Spring Season: May 1 through June 15.
  • The hunting area is accessed by vehicle, atv’s, and hiking however all stalks are done on foot.
  • Bow hunter friendly outfitter, but rifle hunting is most common.
  • 15% color phase bears.
  • Opportunity Rate is 100%.
  • Success Rate for archery is 80%. Success Rate for rifle is 100%.

This is a great spring bear hunt.

In the spring the black bears come out of hibernation and head to the nearest green area to gorge themselves on grass, dandelions, and new growth crops. Thus they are found along old logging roads, clear cuts, fields, and railways. We will be focusing our efforts in these areas in the spring.

Come later in the spring season (end of May, beginning of June) the boars start to wander looking for sows in heat. At this time we’ll be sticking to glassing long stretches of logging roads and glassing on the railways. This is the time that the real big bears show up, and thus the biggest bears of the season are shot during this time.

You can expect multiple stalk opportunities.

It is not uncommon to see up to 15 black bears per day, with multiple stalks being the rule rather than the exception. Be prepared for a relaxing and enjoyable hunt. We do not get up at the crack of dawn as the big bears are primarily moving in the afternoon and evenings but at that point be ready for multiple stalks and large numbers of bears.


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