Frank Church Wilderness Elk Hunting

This is a great traditional, horseback wilderness elk hunt with plenty of game and very few people. Success rates for 5-6 point bulls are high on this Frank Church wilderness elk hunting trip.

  • Hunt elk with your rifle during the rut!
  • Hunts are  on a 7-day schedule with 5 full days of hunting.
  • Harvesting 5 and 6-point bulls ranging from 200-300-inches, and often 300+
  • This is a traditional “mountain man” style, horseback elk hunt.
  • This is not a long-range shooting affair. Expect shots of 300 yds or less.
  • Tags are over the counter!

A true “Mountain Man” experience.

It is one of the few places left where you can leave civilization behind. There are no roads in the Frank Church. No cars, no power lines and not many people. Since it’s so remote, this is one of the rare areas where you can hunt elk during the rut with your rifle and have a decent chance at a mule deer. Later in the season, the mule deer hunting gets better, so it also makes for a fun combo hunt.

This is a true blue wilderness hunt. You will be staying in very comfortable wall tents with wood stoves. There are two hunters to one tent so there will be plenty of space. In order to save you time, many days will be spent out of what we call spike camps, or camps away from the main camp.








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