Hells Canyon Sturgeon Fishing in Idaho

  • Sturgeon, smallmouth bass,  rainbow trout, salmon and steelhead can all be caught, depending on the time of year. Check Idaho Fish and Game Regulations.
  • Smallmouth bass are incredibly numerous and persistent anglers can land over 100 per day.
  • This is a relaxing trip, and makes for an amazing family vacation. Bring the kids sturgeon fishing in Idaho! The water is pleasantly warm and some areas are great for swimming such as the famous Sturgeon Rock. Water toys are available for children.
  • When your not fighting river monsters, enjoy the scenery, fine wines and cold beer.
  • You’ll see tons of wildlife and the scenery is breathtaking.
  • All trips up and down the river will be in jet boats.
  • This can be just a day trip, but we suggest three days of fishing for the best experience.

Our Hells Canyon Sturgeon Fishing Clients regularly catch sturgeon over 10 feet!

Depending on the size of the fish, the fight can sometimes last up to 45 minutes! Often, the fight is so terrific that the angler is totally worn out by the time the fish is landed. Sturgeon fishing is a very physical experience! Remember your camera, because the picture of your behemoth river monster provides bragging rights, and many stories to be told over and over.

In addition to amazing sturgeon fishing, you’ll probably catch a TON of smallmouth bass and see lots of wildlife.

The smallmouth bass fishing in Hells Canyon is beyond terrific! Catching over 100 fish per day is commonplace. Wildlife seen along the river can include black bears, mule deer, whitetail, Wild turkeys, bighorn sheep, elk, Canada geese, bald and Golden eagles, ospreys, otters and more…

Hells Canyon is the Deepest Gorge in North America.




Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, Steelhead, Sturgeon, Trout


Conventional Tackle


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