Kenai River Fly Fishing Guides

These Kenai River fly fishing guides target big Rainbow trout on the Upper, Refuge, Canyon, and Middle River stretches, as well as walk-and-wade fly fishing on the Russian River and Quartz Creek.

  • One of the first trout fishing guides on the Kenai River. This outfitting business was started by the legendary Curt Trout in 1984.
  • This is primarily a Rainbow trout fly fishing lodge, but there are also opportunities for sockeye and silver salmon during the right time of the year. (silver fishing may be done with a spin rod).
  • The Kenai River opens for fishing in early June and guided trips are available through October.
  • Riverside lodging is available.

Upper, Refuge, and Canyon Stretches of the Upper Kenai River

The Upper Kenai is a fast moving river and offers great trout fishing all season long. These sections will be drifted and fished from a 20′ willies drift boat. Your Kenai River fly fishing guides will row you down the river and fish you in productive spots. Most of the fishing is done from the boat but wade fishing is also an option in some areas. The fishing is mostly indicator fishing flesh or egg patterns. Certain times of the year offer great streamer fishing where stripping a streamer or letting the fly swing into the zone is effective. The Upper Kenai sometimes even offers the opportunity to catch a trout on a dry fly!

The Middle Kenai River

The Middle River is open to motors and fished from one of two power boats or can be drifted with a drift boat and kicker on the back. This section of river is best fished with a streamer in June or an indicator with a flesh fly. The fall time from late August through October on this section is the most productive fishing for over sized trout. Resident trout and trout from Skilak Lake move into areas where salmon are spawning and put the feed on. Indicator fishing with long leaders and beads or flesh is the ticket.

The Russian River and Quartz Creek

The Russian River and Quartz Creek are great walk and wade fisheries. The Russian can be a great dry fly fishery for trout and dolly varden also move up the river in the fall to feed on salmon eggs. Quartz Creek is lights out in mid august for dolly varden and a few big trout are around as well as they move in to feed on sockeye salmon eggs.


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