Lake Guerrero Bass Fishing in Mexico

Lake Guerrero bass fishing in Mexico hass world-renowned, record-class trophy bass fishing. The lake is the ultimate bass haven, with many islands and two rivers, acres of flooded timber and picturesque stump coves, where the big fish like to spend their days. The 100,000 acre lake is trophy largemouth bass originally stocked from Florida strain fish. Ten pound bass are caught almost daily by anglers on this lake. Lake Guerrero is a trophy bass fisherman’s dream.

  • Lake Guerrero is legendary for trophy sized largemouth bass. Anglers, both men and women of all experience levels—from novice to professional—can expect to pull in 75 to 100 bass per day on Lake Guerrero; and it’s not unheard of to catch several 10 lb plus per day as well.
  • The incredible scenery and thousands of acres of flooded timber is heaven on earth for any angler.
  • A voluntary catch and release program now observed by most fishermen has made this great lake even better.
  • The lodge maintains its own fleet of boats and has expert local guides. And the lake is literally a few hundred yards from your bedroom!
  • Year-round fishing season.



Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass


Conventional Tackle


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