Lodge SCRAPERPK Set of 2 Pan Scrapers 1 red and 1 black

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The Lodge SCRAPERPK Set of 2 Pan Scrapers is great for cleaning seasoned cast iron, seasoned carbon steel, and enamel cookware. The Lodge durable polycarbonate Pan Scraper assists with cleanup duty after meals. It’s dishwasher safe, won’t collect food particles, and features an assortment of angles to easily clean your cookware. The scrapers come in a pack of two with one black and one red.

  • 2 pack, includes one red and one black
  • Made of rigid, easy to clean polycarbonate
  • Assorted angles get into all nooks and crannies
  • Packs easily for the campsite
  • Does not collect food particles
  • Dishwasher safe
Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 8.25 × 4.75 × 0.25 cm




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