Mountain Lion Hunting in Idaho

We also have a hunt on the Continental Divide between Idaho and Montana.

This is a small, well run Mom-and-Pop type small operation dedicated to personal service of each client that hunts with them. They raise and train their own top quality pack of hounds, so they are not dependent on hiring another houndsman to take their hunters. The area they hunt is huge, which allows them to rest areas allowing for selective harvest of mountain lions and not over pressuring the resource.

While you’re on your hunt, you can help them run their trapline! They regularly trap bobcats, coyotes, marten, beaver and even wolves. For an added trophy fee (paid prior to your hunt), you can take home any furs that are caught while you are there.

Hunting between November and March increases your chances for having good tracking conditions for the hounds.

An average day on our Idaho mountain lion hunts will consist of waking up early and eating a hearty breakfast before beginning the hunt for the day. Once departed from town and out to the hunting areas you will spend the majority of the day in search for fresh tom tracks to cut the dogs loose on.




Mountain Lion


Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle


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