New Zealand Tahr Hunting (Chamois Combo)

This unique New Zealand tahr hunting package includes a chamois and takes place on private land from a lodge. Located in the Southern Alps in New Zealand, this hunt proves to be a true mountain hunt on over 40,000 acres of private ranch land with strong populations of tahr and chamois. It is advised to be in good condition.

  • You’ll be hunting tahr and chamois on private land.
  • Stay in a lodge!
  • This hunt has high success and high opportunity rates.
  • The best tahr hunting in New Zealand is February through July, but the best chamois hunting is during the rut in May and June.

There are two lodges that are very nice.

The first lodge is three bedrooms and can accommodate single hunters, two couples, or a small family. The second lodge is larger with four rooms and the ability to sleep ten people. Both lodges include TV, laundry, Wifi, en suites. For those that wish to camp on the property in the hunting area there is a little cabin with a fireplace, bedroom, and toilet. Whichever way you decide to go the experience will be worth it!

Each day you will start with either a home cooked breakfast or a continental breakfast. Following breakfast you will drive with your guide 20-30 minutes to your hunting destination. You and your guide will glass from the mountain roads to locate your bull.

Once an animal is found you and your guide will make plans to harvest it. After you successfully make the stalk your guide will take pictures, field dress and cape your trophy. Depending on the time of year you will either eat lunch on the ranch or go back to the lodge for a lunch. Your evening will include watching film from the days activities, having dinner and relaxing.


New Zealand


Chamois, Tahr


Archery, Rifle


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