PahaQue Teardrop Dome Sidewall for Teardrop Dome

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The PahaQue Teardrop Dome Sidewall adds more functionality and useability to your Teardrop Dome Shelter. The sidewall quickly and easily attaches between any of the dome’s legs using velcro tabs along its perimeter; corner webbing allows you to adjust the tightness of the wall for a custom fit. Moving the sidewall is just as easy as attaching it, so you don’t have to worry about shifting wind direction or the sun’s journey from east to west disturbing your activities or rest. If one sidewall is not enough protection, attach up to 4 to create an entirely enclosed space. The sidewall is built from 420D polyester oxford with heavy duty waterproofing and UV coatings to protect you from the elements. The PahaQue Teardrop Dome Sidewall makes your campsite more versatile and ensures you are prepared for whatever comes your way.

  • Quickly and easily attach the sidewall in just a few minutes or less by using the velcro tabs along the perimeter; the tabs work together with corner webbing to ensure a custom fit
  • Reposition the sidewall to any side of the as the sun moves across the sky or the wind changes direction so you can stay uninterrupted
  • The tough sidewall is constructed from 420D polyester oxford for tear resistance, and features heavy duty waterproofing as well as UV coatings to keep you safe
  • Set up a comfortable campsite anywhere you can fit your teardrop; use the sidewall to protect the most vulnerable parts of your camp, or attach up to 4 walls for a totally enclosed space
  • Measures 14.5 feet by 8 feet and only weighs 4.5 pounds; the sidewall is not designed to fit other brands of dome shelters
  • 14.5 ft by 8 ft
Weight 3.12 kg
Dimensions 12.25 × 11.5 × 2.0 cm




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