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Sergey Outfitters in Eastern Russia offers exceptional taimen fishing and hunting for Amur and East Siberian brown bears, Himalayan black bears and Snow sheep. Welcome to the best hunting and fishing in the Far East!

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Snow Sheep Hunting

Snow Sheep inhabit the rocky coasts of Okhotsk Sea and the mountainous areas of the inland (2600 –  5900 feet/800 – 1800 meters above the sea level). The present-day population of this species is about 7500 heads. The full-grown male Snow Sheep weights about 176 – 210 pounds/80 – 95 kg with an average horn length of about 33,47 – 37,4 inches (85 – 95 cm). The biggest trophy bagged in the Region was the Snow Sheep with 104 cm (41 inches) long horns.

Amur Brown Bear Hunting

In spring and fall Sergey hunts the bear in high-water bed of Tumnin and Khutu rivers. Hunt requires jeep transfers and a hunter should be ready to walk up to 1 mile during the hunt. The hunters are transferred from Khabarovsk by jeep, about 14 hours one way trip. The hunters are accommodated in a base camp, in a hunting house equipped with a stove, beds, electricity, outdoor toilet cabin. The hunters will enjoy delicious food in a kitchen room, the cuisine is based on the hunters tastes. After getting a trophy, there is possible to go fishing (taimen, lenok, grayling) with motorboat.  The method of hunting in spring is baiting with raw meat.  And in fall the method is spot and stalk.

East Siberian Brown Bear Hunt

Brown bear is hunted usually within 2-5 miles/3-8 km range outside the camp. A motorboat can be used in the process of a brown bear hunt to reach the far away territories, inhabited by the bears. However, it is illegal to shoot at a bear from the motor boat. Thus, the boats are used for transportation only and the hunters will be able to take a shot at a bear once they go ashore. The use of a motorboat enables hunters to cover laager territory, thus significantly raising the chances of a successful hunt.

Himalayan Black Bear Hunt

Himalayan black bear hunt August 04-06! Price includes license, all transportation in Khabarovsk and in camp, transfer Khabarovsk to/from camp, meals, accommodation in camp, guides service 1×1, first preparing trophies (skinning, cleaning, boiling skull and salting), rifle rent and veterinary certificate. Non include air ticket fee to/from Khabarovsk, hotel in Khabarovsk and meals, vodka, and beer.

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