Stag Hunting Scotland

Stag hunting Scotland is highly recommended. The Scottish Highlands have some spectacular free range red stag, sika stag and roe deer hunting. The stags aren’t as large as some other places, but the experience is amazing!

  • Experience traditional European hunting (stalking). Traditional European walk-and-stalk hunt with very good success rates.
  • Stags are native game in Scotland. You’ll be hunting 100% wild, free range stags.
  • The Scottish Highlands are incredibly beautiful.
  • Great excuse to vacation and hunt in Europe.
  • Perfect for bringing the family.
  • Good combo hunt: red stag; sika deer; roe buck; walk-up or driven grouse; or rough shooting. There are a number of packages available.
  • Hunting season in Scotland takes place August through October.
  • Scotland is very affordable. This hunt costs less than the price of many whitetail hunts in the States.





Red Stag, Roe Buck, Sika Deer, Upland Birds


Conventional Tackle


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