Vancouver Island Black Bear Hunts

This is a coastal black bear hunt on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver Island is famous for big boars! This vast area is virtually untouched and has high populations of bears….and big bears at that. In fact, this area is famous for its world-class black bears.

  • Guaranteed non-resident black bear tag
  • Spring Black Bear Hunt: April 1-June 15
  • Fall Black Bear Hunt: September 10-November 13
  • The success rate is nearly perfect at 90-100% annually.
  • The average bear taken with this outfitter squares over 6 feet, although multiple bears squaring 7 ft plus are taken with a high percentage of skulls making Boone and Crockett.
  • Spot and stalk.
  • They also offer trophy hunts for blacktail deerRoosevelt elk, and giant mountain lions.

Our outfitter has a history of taking some of the largest coastal black bears in the world.

Vancouver Island is famous for huge bears and near perfect coat quality. Experience the ultimate North American adventure, spot-and-stalk coastal black bear hunting while enjoying some of the world’s most beautiful scenery in your down time. Record book Roosevelt elk and big northern mountain lion can also be taken with this outfitter, so if either of those animals are on your list, let us know.


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