Victoria Island Muskox Hunting

The muskox population throughout these new areas is exceptionally healthy, with herds upwards of 20 animals frequently seen while out on the land. All of our Victoria Island muskox hunting trips are based on a 2×2 hunter to guide ratio travelling together for safety measures.  As with our other hunt locations, we expect to harvest several Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young and SCI record book bulls.

  • Hunting Greenland muskox in Canada is carried out from Cape Peel to Mount Pelly, on the southern coast of Victoria Island.
  • This is an amazing archery hunt. Virtually all of the bulls taken by bowhunters would qualify for the Pope & Young record book and indeed the SCI record book.
  • Holding a commanding percentage of Greenland muskox records in the SCI Record Book, this outfitter has truly unmatched trophy quality. Our clients consistently harvest very large, mature bulls.
  • SCI does recognize muskox on Victory Island as “Greenland” muskox and this region has over 200 entries in the record book.
  • 100% success since 1995 when they began Victoria Island muskox hunting.
  • Accommodation in a basic plywood cabin during the hunt with a tent used only as a backup.

A spring muskox hunt is the best hunt for you if you want and Arctic adventure, and to experience the Inuit culture in the harshest environment on earth. The Inuit people assist our outfitters with their traditional hunting knowledge. While Victoria Island muskox hunting you will hunt from a sled that is being pulled by a snow machine, which allows you to cover a lot of ground quickly in search of a trophy bull. You will typically see more animals on the spring hunts than you will in the fall.

Our outfitter holds three of the top five bulls in SCI from Victoria Island muskox hunting.

The Greenland subspecies of muskox that resides in Nunavut, are larger than those actually found in Greenland, and our clients consistently harvest very large, mature bulls. Our outfitter holds three of the top five trophies of the Greenland muskox as listed in the SCI Record Book. Corey Goss with the No.2 entry has a score of 84 5/8 and both Doug Whitaker and Bob Underwood with a score of 82 3/8 are tied for the No. 3 spot.

Incidental Species

Hunting for Arctic Wolf as an incidental species can be added to your Spring muskox hunt package. If requested, it must be pre-arranged and prepaid; however, if you do not harvest a wolf, you will be refunded the full amount less your license and tag fees.

Comfortable camps situated in prime areas that may be up to 160 kilometers from any one of our Inuit communities.

Accommodations during the hunt are heated basic plywood cabins that Inuit use as shelters while out on the land. Camps are situated from 3 to 5 hours away by snowmobile from the community.


In 2014 they saw the need for a northern-based guides training program founded on advancing Inuit culture and traditions. The program’s instructors are local Inuit Senior guides and elders who have an acute knowledge of the land and its wildlife. Southern values do not drive the course outline, thus keeping with the generational passing down of Inuit Knowledge and the skills required to venture out on the land, sea and ice.

The Inuit are skilled hunters, and the goal of the guides training program looks to complement these traditional abilities by offering certification for the knowledge they already possess and help promote a lifestyle and work opportunities for additional local guides.




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